Friday, January 18, 2008

We Now Have Snow On The Ground

We now have snow on the ground! No, we didn't get that much snow. This is a photo of Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska that we visited last year on our cruise to Alaska. And that is some really old, old snow! Our fresh Virginia snow is in the four inch range. It was beautiful to watch the snow gently fall yesterday while we were listening to music and putting away all the Christmas decor throughout the house. This is really our first real snow event in that we needed the roads scraped and sand put down on them. And this morning we are awakening to the sun coming up and reflecting off the snow. The birds have been active at both bird feeders. We have noticed cardinals, juncos, mockingbirds, mourning doves and blue birds. Blue birds! Yes, the blue birds are back and checking out our three bluebird houses. I think they are a little early this year if they are in a family mood.

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jeanine said...

I heard birds outside my window last Saturday morning. I think the warm weather tricked them.