Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Check This Blog Site

If you like traveling to cities around the world or seeing the world on your computer here is a fun website to return to again and again. There are 118 cities you can access thru this one web site. Each web site blogger posts a phota a day on their blog and gives a little background about the photo. I have been visiting this site and going to the various cities to see what is happening. Some of the cities are places I have been to and some are places that I would like to see someday and some are places that I don't want to travel to but would like to learn more about.
My four favorite sites that I can access thru this one site are Brookville, Ohio; Bellefonte, Pennsylvania; Paris, France; and Chateauroux, France. Chateauroux, France blog has amazing pics of France and I like the music and the woman speaking in French! So this winter when you have some time to waste check out this site. Oh, one more thing---every so often this community of bloggers has a theme to their daily photo. Like for today the theme challenge was to select your very favorite picture that you posted this past year on your blog.

Well, I'm not one of these daily city bloggers but that got my mind a thinking and I just had to post a picture that we took this year that I really like. Take a look. It was taken this past spring in British Columbia on Vancouver Island at Butchart Gardens. The spring flowers were at their peak bloom.

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jeanine said...

Cool site, mommy. I also like the picture you posted. It looks like a postcard.