Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Eighth Day of Christmas = New Years Day

Eighth Day of Christmas = New Years Day. Happy New Year Everyone!
I put flowers in the picture today because to me New Years is the day to watch the Rose Bowl Parade and eat special foods for good luck in the new year. Being from the Midwest originally that means roasted pork and potatoes and sauerkraut and having lived in the Commonwealth of Virginia for over 27 years I now add a salad of black eyed peas to the New Years Day menu. Everyone enjoy the beginning of the new year and just think about a New Years resolution to start after the 12 Days of Christmas Plus one which would be on January 7. Give yourself a week to finish the holidays and get in the mood for that New Years resolution whatever it might be. Final note: I'm posting this at 7:25 A.M. and I'm looking out my library window at a beautiful sunrise coming up in the east. Maybe that is a good omen for 2008.

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