Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blog Readers Please Help Me

I am looking for a cookbook that is also a memoir or biography or travel experience that I could use for my book club. The photos here are of my book club having a sit down meal in my dining room with food that we selected from my book selection, The Pat Conroy's Cookbook, Recipes of My Life, by the author, Pat Conroy. We had a great time at this book club meal. Pat Conroy has lived an interesting and full life so there was lots of discussion about his life. And then we had to savor and comment on all the Pat Conroy dishes that we had prepared for the five course meal. It was a lot of work but the two ladies sitting in front really helped by being my assigned waitresses. Dickie in the white blouse and Maura in the blue flowered blouse served the food and removed the dishes for each course . In addition Maura kept us all in stitches playing the wine captain with a faux French accent. In the middle photo you see her getting ready to do another wine run down the table. So readers of my blog, I need your help. Can you think of a cookbook that is more than just a cookbook? It is a cookbook with an interesting story---biographical or geographical or historical. I know. I'm asking a lot. Well, if you can think of such a cookbook, please leave a comment here. I can't wait to see what some of you may suggest.

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Jenn K said...

The only one I can think of is "Like Water for Chocolate"