Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Decor In My Kitchen

There is a saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Well, for Christmas it is the heart of my Christmas home decor. Here's my corner kitchen sink with green plants and live poinsettia plants. In 1968 when I toured the Philippines and Taiwan I saw poinsettia plants the size of apple trees. Totally awesome.
My handmade Nuremberg, Germany Christmas angel has decorated my homes since 1971 when I got her. She wears a gold silk dress but long ago she lost her gold foil wings. She is going around on my East German creche that is a moving tableau of the Christmas story. Look below.
When you light the red candles the heat of the flames moves the nativity carousel. I place a Christmas wreath with more German ornaments around it.
This is the side view of two French bakers racks where I have collected hundreds of cookbooks that I hope to pass down to my two daughters. Many of these cookbooks I found on trips or at local garage sales and flea markets. I love looking at cookbooks and reading recipes and drooling at all the good food from all around the world. The little red stocking was Baby Jack's stocking for his first Christmas. He needed a bigger stocking this year.
Here a view of the front of the bakers rack filled with various cookbooks. Notice my old ugly Santa that I bought for $30 way back in 1971 at a Christkindles Market. That Christmas I brought home from Germany one of these Santas for each of my siblings and my father. Mine is old and ugly with a tattered beard and broken walking stick but I just can't part with him. He's like a Volkswagon beetle. He's so ugly he is cute!
I count down the days till Christmas and then I count up the days of Christmas so this fellow gets a real Christmas workout.
This Santa sitting on the ledge of the window does the same thing. I love little boxes that people give you with Christmas treats. I like to recycle them as Christmas decorations the following year.
Lastly this is our Christmas china that we use every year. And here is the breakfast casserole I made for Jack. It has cubed bread, eggs, milk, Italian seasonings, sausage, basel leaves, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.
I make it the night before and bake it in the morning for 40 minutes.


The Texican said...

Very pretty. I think Kawanza has started. I hope you were rewarded liberally during the holidays. Good to hear from you two. Pappy

Wanda said...

Love the touches you have in your kitchen. Since that's my favorite room, I love decorating it for all occasions. Each of your pictures show a darling personal touch of Christmas.

The Breakfast casserole looks totally yummy. I have a recipe similar.... I need to do it again.


fishing guy said...

Joann: That is a beautiful post with all your Christmas decor, really festive. The food looks great.

Melinda said...

oh my gosh! that casserole looks so good. Did you post the recipe?