Monday, December 29, 2008

December 29 The Fifth Day of Christmas

December 29 The Fifth Day of Christmas
Once Upon a Time....a Storybook Christmas
From Pinewood Estate in Wales, Florida

Well, this was an easy display to create. I could have done it. Just pile up the shoes and presto, you have created the story of the Elves and the Shoemaker. Do you remember that story? And do you remember reading those little cardboard covered Little Golden Books? That should take you back to days of yore.

News Flash: Today is my son-in-law's birthday. Happy Birthday, Terry! I know you don't think a birthday so close to Christmas is such a great idea. But consider this. The year you were born you gave your father and mother a great end of year tax deduction. Dwell on that Mr. Accountant.


Anonymous said...

Interesting post and story. I enjoyed the photo too.

fishing guy said...

Joann: That is one I would have never thought of if it hadn't been for your story.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your songs!

Love these stories!

This is Max from Beijing China.

Welcome to my blog where you can see my familly photos.