Friday, December 26, 2008

December 26 The Second Day of Christmas

The Second Day of Christmas December 26

Oh, the Second Day of Christmas and I feel like the lady in this photo. The Christmas rush is over and now I can sit and have some tea and read a book and just relax big time. How about all of you? Are you ready to relax too or do you have to return to work like my son-in-law? Now look below and think once upon a time.......

Yes, that's Jack's 11 foot tall beanstalk in the loggia of the Pinewood Estate home. Wow, what a beanstalk from a little seed! Now look below again.

Another day I will show you Mr. Buck's office where Snow White's evil stepmother is in her tower lab getting ready to deliver a poison apple to Snow White.

Now who exactly was Mr. Buck, the owner of this 30's style Mediterranean home in Lake Wales right next door to the Bok Tower Sanctuary? Charles Austin Buck was the vice-president of Bethlehem Steel in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania who had Pinewood built as a winter retreat. It is one of Florida's most outstanding examples of Mediterranean Revival architecture with touches of Moorish and Romanesque architecture. It was a delight to visit and this Christmas display I'm showing you will be running thru January 4'th.

Over the years this home was sold and resold and renamed and renamed. In 1970 the property was bought by a foundation and renamed Pinewood for the longleaf pines standing on the Great Lawn that was created years ago by the famous landscape designer Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.

What I find interesting is that this winter vacation home was only used about six weeks out of the year. So much home and so little time to escape to enjoy it because Mr. Buck was a busy working executive. I imagine that today we have quite a few workaholics who have fine vacation homes but who do not have real time to enjoy them because of the rat race. I believe too that Mrs. Buck never lived to enjoy this fine home but that her children and grandchildren did.

News Flash: Earth Kitt who sings the second song on my play list, Santa Baby, died on Christmas Day. She was 81. I always loved her beautiful face and sultry voice. Rest in peace.


Old Lady Lincoln said...

I feel like the little old lady in the photo. Happy New Year

fishing guy said...

Joann: Fun post and you certainly don't look like that old lady.

DragonQuilter said...

Well I know how you feel but you certainly never look like the old lady in the photo!!