Saturday, December 27, 2008

Celebrate For 12 Days Plus One!

The Third Day of Christmas December 27
More photos of Pinewood Estates's Storybook Christmas
Do you know anyone who got a big beautiful rocking horse for Christmas?
I do.
Go down later on my blog roll to to find These Days in French Life.
This will take you to a blog in the south of France where a beautiful little French bebe named Amaya got a rocking horse from Papa Noel and you can see her riding it in the posted video.
Now look below.
Here is Lucy's bedroom on the second floor of Pinewood Estate at Lake Wales, Florida. This decorated scene is called "Twas the Night Before Christmas.....the children were nestled all snug in the beds."
Two girls with long flowing blond locks are dreaming of sugar plums dancing in their heads as a winter wonderland is seen through the the frosted windows in Florida.
Click on picture for a closeup view.
Merry Christmas once again.
Remember there are 12 days of Christmas plus one and we all should make a little holiday activity for each day.
Everyone should celebrate for 12 days plus one straight. Just do it.

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Wanda said...

I'm loving Lucy's room and especially love the Alphabet on the floor. I clicked to make it larger, and it looks like it's a train.

What a special room.