Saturday, December 20, 2008

Have You Heard of The Osborne Lights?

Have you heard of the Osborne lights. No, not the lights of the rocker Osborne but the lights of the Osborne from Arkansas. When the Arkansas neighbors of this man complained about too much sound and light radiating from the 250, 000 miles of strung lights hanging from this man's house and two neighboring houses, the light display when up for sale and Disney bought it to use for Christmas at their Hollywood Studios Amusement Park in DisneyWorld in Florida.

Jack and I had the opportunity one night while in Florida to experience this amazing display of Christmas lights. All the lights on three streets in the Hollywood Park are ablaize in lights that are electronically coordinated to Christmas carols and song. We listened thru two eight minute light shows while walking on the darkened streets. There are so many lights that Disney starts to assemble this display back in September each night after the park closes. Here are about 75 blue angels flying around a globe of the earth that says Peace on Earth.
I hope you can see how close together these lights are on the buildings. Literally every inch of the structures are covered with lights.
Lights, lights, and more lights.
Look at that tree. I caught it in blue. It changes to green and white too. Below is a brief video of the sound display.


judypatooote said...

Wow, thanks for sharing Joanne, I did hear on the news about the lights and them being sold to Disney, but for some reason I never saw them....when I look at that display, all I can think is how patient a person must be to put all those lights together...I love Christmas and all the festivities (I think I spelled that wrong) and I can't believe that it's almost over....we had another baby Jesus stolen at a church in Toledo.....that is so gutsy....I read where one church was going to put an alarm on the nativity scene and if someone tried to steal it, it would go off..isn't that sad.... Well you have a very merry Christmas....I'm trying to get rid of a cold, and feel kind of punk right now....but it gives me a reason to be lazy....LOL judy

dAwN said...

Amazing light display...thanks for sharing

Marie said...

That is incredible. I have never seen something like that.