Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Guessing Game: What Is It?

What is it?
Lettuce coming up in my garden pot. Planted in pot to foil all the wild brown bunnies that hop thru our yard looking for food.
What is it?
Chives growing in my lion planter.
It is starting to bloom.

What is it?
A robins' nest in the overhang of my black rose trellis.
Can you spot the nest?
Mrs. Robin is sitting on the eggs these days and she gets quite upset when I go by the trellis.
What is it?
The bird feeder station near our breakfast room window.
And look at the little yellow finches!
They have returned this spring to our yard and are eating at the station.
One is on the left feeder up high while the other is on the right feeder down low.
Oh, the yellow finch on the right climbed into the outer birdfeeder!
The one on the left is still getting birdseed from outside the outer birdfeeder.

What is it?
The funniest blog post on very early morning lovemaking by the birds.
Someone is not a happy camper. LOL!
Click here to read her warning to the lovebirds and her readers comments back to her.
One commenter says he is a bird and he knows just what to do to her.


Linda Reeder said...

You are having fun with spring. Isn't it glorious to have birds singing and plants growing!

fishing guy said...

Joan: Beaautiful photo of your garden area.