Sunday, May 17, 2009

Heading Down The Highway Part I

Heading Down The Highway Part I
Heading down the highway. (VA SR #15)
Crossing the Potomac River and heading to the Point of Rocks.
Stopping in Frederick, Maryland and noticing the murals on the wall
while walking to Brewers' Alley for a brew and a bite.

Enjoying the atmosphere of this building that has changed from opera house to
brewery and restaurant.

Taking time to check out the ceiling of the former opera house before getting on PA SR #30 to
head east for Pennsylvania Dutch country.

Smelling the fresh country air in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and getting into
a little traffic jam caused by all those Amish horse and buggies.

Heading down the highway. (Interstate #76)
Getting into a very big traffic jam while passing the Philadelphia Art Museaum
and thinking of Rocky.
Checking out the skyline of downtown Philly and noticing that
two of those building have matching ears on top---must be Mickey and Minnie!
Crossing the Delaware River via the Benjamin Franklin Bridge to go from
the state of Pennsylvania to the state of New Jersey.
You don't have to pay to get to New Jersey.
But you do have to pay to get out of New Jersey.
Every bridge heading to NY, PA or DEL has a toll.
Heading down the highway. (NJ SR #30)
Reaching our castle away from home in Berlin, NJ.
And here's the master of the manor greeting us.
Here's Hairy Harry!
And finally looking at the grand table set for us at this manor house.
Yes, Harry lives well here and we did too while being his house guests.

Story to be continued Monday evening.

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fishing guy said...

Joann: Looks like the start of a neat trip.