Saturday, May 30, 2009

What's Going On Here?

What's going on here? Can you guess? Look at this two and half foot deep and very square hole.
Look at this pile of dirt and rocks. We saw quite a few more like this in the neighborhood. By the way for all you Midwest folks, especially you Ohio folks this is Virginia clay soil. Good for baking in rectangles to make clay bricks for Virginia Georgian style homes. Not so good for growing crops. The clay needs amenities otherwise the soil clumps and doesn't allow enough oxygen to the roots of the plants. The challenge of gardening and farming in southern clay. I'm always amazed that things do grow here with this clay soil.

This man is waist deep in a hole pulling a wire across the neighbor's driveway under the driveway. These men who are mainly Hispanic are such hard hard workers. I got tired just watching them work.

You can't dig a hole without getting mud on your clothes and on yourself. And you can't get the underground utilities installed for the ability to get FIOS on June 8'th unless you do this.
All this so that we can have a better TV connection as well as Internet connection. Ten years from now do you think we will have to update again? Who know. Maybe before ten years the way technology changes. The last sentence was written by a woman who has seen heavy 78 records, small 45 records, very large 33 and a 1/3 records, then cassettes, and then Ipods that download anything from anywhere. Oh, and what were those funny shaped cassettes that Jack had in his orange BMW? I can't remember.


fishing guy said...

Joann: I really enjoyed you photos of the holes. It reminded me of the movie "Holes".
You also forgot something called CD's that I have a lot of songs still playing in my car. We have had our underground utilities for 35 years and they only had to redo the cable once. It runs at the back of my property near the woods.

Denise said...

Yes I remember all those. Wow, I suppose to get that good connection they've got to dig all those holes. I remember the neighbor across the street was getting gas and they had to dig the hole in our yard. It was huge and took forever to get the grass back into good condition. But she got her gas - lol.