Sunday, May 31, 2009

Little House On The Prairie

Little House On The Prairie
Remember Michael Landon's TV show Little House On The Prairie based on the Laura Ingalls Wilder childrens books? Laura called her father Pa. Well, little Jack Aidan has started calling Jack "Pa". We refer to Jack as Grandpa and myself as Grandma. Jack Aidan doesn't call me anything but he calls Jack "Pa". It is so cute to hear! In the photo above Jack Aidan is asking Pa to show him the bluebird house that has been usurped by a pair of pretty tree swallows. Apparently tree swallows and bluebirds do not like to be in the same vicinity because since the arrival of the tree swallows our flock of bluebirds that return every year to our five bluebird houses have flew the coop! No bluebirds to watch have babies this year in the houses. But we do have the tree swallows here now and in a family mood. So little Jack is saying "Pa, bird, bird, bird."
So Pa and Jack Aidan go to the bluebird house that is on a pole in the yard. (The pole was the former lot sign for Quaker Homes who built our retirement house and I decided that it would make a good pole for a bluebird house.) Pa knocks on the side of the house to be polite and to keep the tree swallow if she is sitting on the eggs from flying out into little Jack's face. So Pa knocks. No answer. No bird sticking her head out or flying out. So Pa carefully opens the door and lets little Jack see the nest.

Little Jack says "Pa, Pa, bird, bird, egg, egg!" Except now the eggs have hatched and little Jack has discovered that there are these fuzzy looking worms with open mouths staring back at him.
"Wow!" says little Jack. Pa tells Jack Aidan that they must close the door now and let the birds alone. Then Jack Aidan says "Again, again, again!" So Pa walks little Jack around the yard and then they go back and do this all over again.

What does Grandma do? "Ma" is busy taking photos of this big event in the yard. That was until Friday when I misplaced my camera at Jack Aidan's house and haven't found it yet. Help! Wouldn't you know it. Just when this story gets good and I could climb on a step stool and snap photos of the baby birds to show you "Ma" up and loses her digital camera. Fiddlesticks!
Little House On The Prairie
to be continued as soon as Ma finds her camera.


Anonymous said...

This is a really nice story and one that many grandpa's and a few grandma's enjoy. I know I have.

You probably remember when people lived and died at home and endured wakes. Life and Death

DragonQuilter said...

What a wonderful story! Wish I had seen it. Little Jack will treasure that when he's older!
And I wondered what happened to the bluebirds...they have gone from my yard too!

Denise said...

That's a really sweet story. Your photos and words will bring so much joy to the family in the years ahead. They bring me joy to look at them. Have you thought of turning your blog into a book? I was wondering about that.

fishing guy said...

Joan: What a neat story for little Jack.