Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday to Denny

Happy Belated Birthday to Denny
Born in May of 1957
The second son of my brother Paul and his wife Iona Mae
In the photo above Denny is eleven years old and playing with the family dog by his mother's flower bed. Do you remember those metal balls that people used to place on a concrete pillar years ago? I think the one behind Denny got broken when a beef cow broke out of Paul's barn and made a beeline to that glittery gold ball and rammed it to kingdom come. In the distance you can see Miller Road that runs from Russia, Ohio to the south and Miami County. In the distance too is the crossroad which is the Russia-Versailles Road.

This was the most recent photo that I could find of Denny. This was 1995 and he was showing my husband Jack his workshop in his garage. Jack and I are wishing you a very happy belated 52'nd birthday.

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Denise said...

Happy Birthday Denny, and I just had a vision of that cow head butting the silver ball. Made me smile.