Thursday, May 21, 2009

Skywatch Friday On The New Jersey Shore

Skywatch Friday On The New Jersey Shore

Spring Lake, New Jersey

May 16, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

The Advent of Summer

Are You Going To The Beach Soon?

The homes, hotels and bed and breakfasts remind me of the Hamptons on Long Island.

The longest non-commercial boardwalk in the U.S. is at Spring Lake.

This long long boardwalk that is great for walking, running and biking exists thru the efforts of

folks who donated a bench with a plaque commemorating something or someone.

We enjoyed walking along and reading the plaques.

Of course, yours truly had to snap a few pics of the various plaques.

Jack told me I missed the best one that he read. It said in memory of ______who liked to bike along the boardwalk and check out the girls in bikini swimsuits.

Below are some beach plants sporting pink blooms.

Would you like to put your toes in that white sand?Below is a short video I made of the sounds of the ocean on a very grey and misty day. Click the arrow to watch and listen.

Hope you all will have a chance this summer to walk on a boardwalk and put your toes in the sand and the ocean.

Happy Skywatch Friday!

And Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

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Guy D said...

Excellent shots as always!

Have a great weekend.
Regina In Pictures

Anonymous said...

It was cool walking along the boardwalk with you! Loved reading the plaques too.

Barb said...

Hi Joann,
Great walk down memory lane - I've never been to Silver Lake, but the boardwalk and the songs are definitely from my era!

Diane C. said...

Before I started blogging I had never even seen a boardwalk before. The one at the New Jersey shore looks lovely to walk on. And those pink flowers by the white sand are pretty too.

Tom said...

Hi Joann, this is a beautiful, foggy, misty place, I love the atmosphere. Thanks for stopping by the Ohio Nature Blog. Weston is our son, he's almost 3 months old.


Linda Reeder said...

Our Oregon Coast beach has very cold water, but these feet will definately be in the sand.

fishing guy said...

Joann: Looked like the sun had yet to burn off the mist.

Sally in WA said...

I miss the sandy east coast beaches. Great idea with the plaque photos. I'd like to walk that boardwalk and read them too.

erin said...

what a great boardwalk...i'd love to stroll along it and take in the sea air :)
have a wonderful time.

Karen said...

Wonderful shots ... what a lovely, misty day..

Yes, I would love to flex my toes in that white sand...

Arija said...

I love it all, including the weather.

June said...

Great foggy atmosphere in these shots!