Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Parade in Middleburg, Va 2006

These are photos taken at the Middleburg Christmas parade in 2006. Jack and I are always fascinated by the Middleburg scene. Lots of tourists come to see the town where Jackie Kennedy Onassis stayed when she was riding with the hounds to fox hunt. Yes, the U.S. has not outlawed fox hunting although I think England has. Other folks like to come here to see the German store that Monica Lewinsky's exfriend, Linda Tripp, now runs with her German born husband. By the way you can go into Linda's shop in Middleburg and you will feel like you are back at a Christmas market in Germany. Very cool store. Anyway here we are at the 2006 Christmas parade watching the very proper fox hunt folks ride down Main Street in their red riding coats.

Notice all the fox hounds.

This woman in the white coat stepped out and blocked my view every time I wanted to take a photo. LOL!
This photo appeared in the local Middleburg paper, the Middleburg Eccentric, after the event.

I think this is an Andalusian horse like the ones used at Vienna's Spanish Riding School

Another photo that appeared in the Middleburg Eccentric paper. Aren't those fox hounds lively and cute. The grey building on the right in the photo has been many different things over the years. I can remember it as a bank, an antique store and a restaurant. Today it is run by Sheila Johnson of Black Television Network fame who lives now near Middleburg on an estate and is currently building a multi-million dollar exclusive spa retreat for the landed gentry of Middleburg.
Middleburg will hold its annual Christmas parade this Saturday morning. Check the papers for the time and the events going on with the parade.

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