Thursday, December 17, 2009

The True Story of the Naughty Nutcrackers, by Joann Shipley

Little Jack loved playing with the nutcrackers on the back hall table. He called them Fracks.
He liked to take a Frack and pull the handle to open the nutcrackers mouth and then he liked to insert his little pointing finger of his left hand. Right then he would peer at Grandpa or Grandma with a disconcerting look on his his face and say "Uh, ohh! uh, ohh! This is a naughty naughty nutcracker!
Little Jack would then explain to Grandpa or Grandma that the nutcracker had bitten his finger. "Ouch, ouch, ouch!" Little Jack would exclaim and so then Grandpa or Grandma would kiss the "ouchy" on his finger to make it all better.
Then Little Jack would tell his grandparents that Frack needed a timeout for being a naughty, naughty nutcracker. So then Little Jack would remove the naughty nutcracker from his playgroup buddies and solemnly carry him to an empty room where Frack had to sit all alone by himself on another table. Little Jack would leave and go talk to the other nutcrackers and explain that Frack would be back when he had made up his mind to be good and stop biting little fingers.


Anonymous said...

I love your little story - and I love your Naughty Nutcracker collection! Merry Christmas to you both from Saudi Arabia!

Melinda said...

this is adorable and would make an excellent illustrated children's book!

Melinda said...

oh by the way I also have nutcrackers I have collected over time. A couple of mine are now in not so great shape anymore. These are beautiful!