Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Scottish Christmas Parade in Alexandria, VA 2005

Old Town Alexandria, VA has a Scottish Walk Christmas parade. Jack and I went in 2005. That year former VA senator, John Warner, in his kilt walked in the parade. See photo above.

A lot of men don their Scottish kilts and parade down the street for this event. Don't you wonder if they have underwear on underneath. I've been told that tradition says you don't. Anybody know for sure?

But the headliners of this parade is not the men in kilts but the Scottish doggies like these sweet little West Highland terriers. These dogs are crowd pleasers and they get quite a hand as they parade down the street.
I found this photo in a local newspaper after the parade. Look at the baby buggy in the photo. This one old black Scottish terrier was too old to walk the length of the parade route so the owners pushed the dog in a baby stroller. I do remember seeing that and these little dogs wearing their Irish kilts. How adorable.

Here is Jim Moran, the local Democratic congressman, walking the parade route.

I think this is the same Scottish band of bagpipers who were in last Saturday's Reston Town Center parade. I wonder what they keep in their purses. Always interesting to see a man with a purse. Jack doesn't do a purse unless he is carrying mine because I'm really tired and the purse is really heavy when we travel. LOL!
This year's daytime Old Town Alexandria parade will be this Saturday. Check the papers for the starting time in the morning.

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