Sunday, December 13, 2009

'Twas The Night Of Book Club

'Twas The Night Of Book Club

'Twas the night of book club

After all tummies were filled

And stretched to the very limit.

Dickie announced ornament exchange

Starts in just a minute.

That jolly fat snowman on the high shelf

Should have been a police elf.

To keep folks from hiding ornaments

And pulling silly pranks.

You can't have my treasure!

No no thanks!

The packages were ready.The guests were heady.

Oh my , dear Freddy.Now isn't this one cute.

Who would dare to steal my loot?Haelie had a beautiful ornament.

Before she knew it.

She did lose it.

Maura, was the judicial arbitrator.

For the ensuing fight.

She did a good job.

Even though it took all night.

This was written in jest I confess.

The End


Anonymous said...

We went to a party one year where each person was allowed to pick out a gift and Patty got one she liked but soon lost it and she ended up with something simple like a towel. LOL

Is that what this is about?

DragonQuilter said...

I love the poetry...very creative of course! I expect nothing less!!!

Denise said...

Loved this post Joann, so clever and the photos were fun.

Jack and Joann said...

Yep, Abe, that's what this is all about. These ladies get very serious about this ornament exchange that's why we had to delegate Maura as referee or judge.