Saturday, December 12, 2009

'Twas The Night Of Book Club

'Twas The Night Of Book Club
'Twas the night of book club
And all through Dickie's house
Sat little Christmas snowmen
Each happy as a holiday mouse.
The kitchen island was ready for cooking
And oh my gosh, it sure was fun looking.

The 2007 wine From The French Rhone
Was delightful as the guests groan.....
Oh this is so good!

A snowman kept count of the Christmas countdown
While the French sparkling wine was ready to go down.

The kitchen table had a little tree
And characters as lively as can be.
The fireplace mantle was decked in poinsettias and a quilt.
Oh what a festive and warm lilt.

Even the houseplants were hiding little creatures.
Can you spot the snow lady and bear with cute features?

The stairs were decked in ribbons and magnolia leaves.
With a quilt hanging down in a misty glow.
One Dickie made some years ago.
It reminded me of the Nutcracker
That great Christmas show.

Another snowman was guarding the stairs.
That led to a painting with warming flairs.

The wall clock kept time
As the doorbell started to chime.

A tree in the corner greeted the guests
As book club meeting began in jest.

Dickie, Dickie, how do you do it?
You make it seem easy.
Nothing to it.
But we all know it took lots of time.
And thought and effort.
To make our Christmas party truly shine.
Tomorrow: Part Two of Twas The Night Of Book Club


DragonQuilter said...

You are quite the poet Joann! I loved it!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Joann: Really neat.

Melinda said...

wow some of you surely have some beautiful homes!