Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sixth Day of Christmas Photo of Share Family At Disney

Sixth Day of Christmas Photo
Tracy Thobe Share and Her Family's Recent Visit To Disneyworld
Who do you suppose enjoyed the park more? The kids or the parents.
I'm betting my money on the parents.
Kids wear out and then have a little meltdown and hissy fit.
Young parents however, keep on trucking even when worn out.
(Click on photo to see the kids with their Disney characters.)
Sixth Day of Christmas Stocking Stuffer: A Merlot From California's Oak Grove
On the label it says the rich flavors of blackberries and plum in the wine would go
well with a green peppercorn beef filet. OK, Jack will need to fire up the grill
one evening in Janury. Maybe on his 65'th birthday coming up on January 22'nd.

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Michael and Amber said...

We grilled for Christmas dinner this year - the weather was perfect for it here in CA. I love your deviled and and shrimp recipe and am going to try it for New Years Day. Keep in touch.