Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Watched The Bachelorrete Last Night

I Watched The Bachelorette Last Night

I always like these shows at the beginning of the season when the star that is looking for a spouse is just going out on dates. But towards the end of the show's run I get a little sick to my stomach watching the star do some heavy making out with one person one night and with another person the very next night. Jack doesn't like this either. He thinks it is just a tad "slutty".

But oh what a tangled web we weave on these shows. There are more twists and turns then this wisteria vine is weaving up above. Last night the one to leave Ali went of his very own volition which was a big surprise to Ali. Frank wanted to leave Tahiti and return to Chicago and his former girlfriend that he just couldn't get out of his mind. If is any consolation, Ali, the other woman is not as cute as you.

Honestly, I think you are more likely to find a spouse on either Big Brother or Survivor then on either The Bachelor or The Bachelorette

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Melinda said...

I have only watched PART of the BACHELOR one time...and it made me sick to my stomach too. I mean there would be NO WAY if I was LOOKING for a potential LONG TERM mate/husband type...that I would be able to tolerate him having an overnight visit with me AND AT THE SAME TIME....kissing on other women and making out with them and making out with another woman ALL NIGHT after me or BEFORE me. I mean HOW GROSS is that? IF they do have sex and go all the way...HOW could you possibly be serious about either woman if you are basically just trying on all the shoes for the best fit prior? I mean they have reduced it to mere SMUT...your husband is correct. It is BEYOND SLUTTY at that point. They have reduced it to just the physicality of it all...animalism.....no possible way to develop a true emotional bond with ONE person when you are in fact spending it with MANY. I have never watched any other shows like that since...and I had not before that time...and now I know why.