Saturday, July 31, 2010

Two Handymen Did Woodworking At Jenn's

Two Handymen

The Little Handyman was the apprentice. Here he was using Grandpa's awl to pretend that he was putting the nail below the surface of the nail hole. Awwwwwww-lllllllllllllll. Little Jack Aidan managed to turn the word awl into two syllables.

The Grownup Handyman was showing little Jack how to measure twice and cut once when doing woodworking. Little Jack was really listening and taking note of all of Grandpa's moves.
This was a two day work project. So at the end of the first day when Grandpa stored his work tools in a box in the garage Little Jack insisted that he get to take his toy tool box to the garage to be put in the box with Grandpa's tools. Jack Aidan certainly is turning into a chip off the old block! LOL!

You rocked Little Handyman!

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