Monday, July 19, 2010

Jack Aidan Celebrated His Third Birthday

Jack Aidan Celebrated His Third Birthday
Take A Look At The Birthday Photos
Who gave you the scooter?
Mommy and Daddy!
What did Grandpa and Grandma Shipley give you?
A toddler camera that Daddy is trying to load with batteries.
What else did Grandpa bring to the party?
Grandpa came with pizza, ice cream, cupcakes and a balloon.
What are you doing Jack Aidan?
Learning how to take a picture of my birthday cupcakes.
What's Mommy doing?
Lightening a birthday candle for me to blow.
How old are you now Jack Aidan?
I'm three. One, two, three!
Who blew out the candle?
I did!
What's Mommy doing?
Eating a birthday cupcake.
Jack, do you like birthdays?
Birthday story continues tomorrow with a little birthday video by Grandma.

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