Friday, July 2, 2010

American Wisteria I Love You!

American Wisteria I Love You!
The first two weeks of May my two American wisteria vines that frame my swing arbor were in full bloom with sweet purple blossoms about 4-5 inches long. In June I trimmed the vines and hosed down the spent brown blossoms.
Then faster than you can catch two wild rabbits on a mating romp those two vines sent out many more new shoots and a second round of blossoms. This time the blossoms were smaller. Just two inches long but still very pretty. I like how puffy and green the arbor gets in the summertime as it grows and grows and grows.

Lots of green leaves and little purple blossoms here.

Here a tendrill is going counter clockwise searching for something to curl around.

And here a tendril has curled around itself and is now trying to attach itself to one of my red knockout roses.


Al said...

Nice shots, very interesting plants. There's nothing like that where I live.

ChrisJ said...

Beautiful colors. I know you folks in the central states and the east sometimes get fed up with the rain,
(we certainly did when we lived in England!) but your lush green photography is spectacular.