Monday, July 12, 2010

Do You Watch Big Brother?

Do You Watch Big Brother?

I admit that I am in hooked. I've watched every season since summer of 2000. This year Jack bought for me the live feed so I'm watching more and blogging less. My brother's granddaughter in Ohio, Nicole Gariety Keller, is also hooked with the show. She thinks that Annie is this year's saboteur. I don't know. Why was Breadan brushing his teeth as soon as the lights went out? What was Andrew doing lying down on the floor when the lights came back on in the house. And why is Blond Britney staring at people all the time? How come the blond sheriff couldn't get out of the caramel if she is a crack police officer. Lots of candidates for saboteur. Jack thinks that it is a fellow because it sounds like a man's voice but maybe they have a show cast member deliver the messages to the house guests. Who knows. We will all have to just stay tuned to the show and learn more.

Feel free to leave a comment and chime in on the activities of Big Brother.

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