Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blogger TWO BY TWO BY TWO'S Family

Blogger TWO BY TWO BY TWO'S Christmas Card
Now isn't this a darling Christmas photo. On my blog roll list I have TWO BY TWO BY TWO which is written by my friend and neighbor Cindy Buckley who happens to be the mother of these three beautiful sets of fraternal twins. I so admire Cindy who writes her blog to record the adventures and antics of her twins. I think the oldest set is now in fifth grade and the youngest set is in either kindergarten or first grade and the middle set is in a grade in between the oldest and youngest set. All our adorable. I'm especially fond of the two redheaded boys.

By the way Cindy managed to finish her doctorate degree at George Mason University about two months before her youngest set of twins arrived. Way to go Cindy! You are an amazing woman, wife and mother. Kudos to you!

News Flash: Woke up this morning and learned that Ohio State won the Sugar Bowl football game against the Arkansaw Razorbacks! Go Bucks! Go Big Red!

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