Thursday, January 6, 2011

Uploading Pictures

Uploading Pictures
I'm busy uploading pictures to Flicker which means I'm too busy to blog much today.But above is one pic I've uploaded. My first rose garden was in the Arizona desert in 1975. Scan, scan, scan, upload, upload, upload, create a set, create a set, create a set, title a set, title a set, title a set. Whew! I'm going nuts!!!!!

But here is how I can de stress and you can too. Go to my daughter's blog to see some really fantastic pictures of my grandson.
Please note that you will need to go down her blog history list for the month of January to get to the really cute pics of Jack. Click on Random Christmas Postings and the other listings under that for my grandson's pics.

Have a good day. I'll be back after I climb out of this mountain of photos. Over 30 years worth.

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jeanine said...

You're beautiful, mommy.