Friday, January 14, 2011

Who Spent A Night In This Building?

Who Spent a Night In This Building?
If you look closely, you will notice iron coverings on the window of this building. The reason for this is that this building was a jail in eastern Arizona in the small town of Bowie, AZ. According to local historians the Chiricahua Apache Indian chief, Geronimo, spent a night in this small jail after he was finally captured by U.S. army personnel. Then he was shipped back east to prison and never again returned to his native Arizona. Today this building stands empty and forlorn and there is no sign indicating that this is an historic site worth preserving.
The Apache Indians roamed freely across the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico as well into Mexico. The ghost town pictured here is in Stein, New Mexico which is not far from the Arizona border. Jack and I toured it in 2005 and learned that is had become a little tourist site with its own shop and bar. On the ceiling of the bar are lots of dollar bills that have been put there by customers. This seems to be a western tradition---to hand things on the ceiling. In Tucson there is a famous restaurant where if you come wearing a tie they will cut if off and hang it on the ceiling.

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