Monday, January 24, 2011

My World Tuesday = Finally Developing Roll Of Film 38 Years Old

My World Tuesday = Developing Roll of Film 38 Years Old
I finally developed a roll of film that has been lying in a box for ages and ages. It was a roll of film I shot while on spring vacation from Frankfurt-American School #1 in Frankfurt, Germany. I was touring the eastern part of France with three other school teachers from my school.

Well, after all these years I hardly even recognized myself with all that long and thick black hair. That's me in the photo above.
And this is a photo of a vineyard in the famous Champagne district of France. Now look below.

This is a statue of the monk who accidentally created the bubbles in champagne. This monk's name is Dom Perignon and this statue is at the world famous Dom Perignon Winery in France that we school teachers had the good fortune to visit and have a private tasting of Dom Perignon
champagnes. I remember distinctly the wine tasting but I definitely had forgotten my '70s hairstyle.

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Gunsside said...

It must be fun to look at these old pictures, and lucky you who got to taste Dom Perignon in France ;)

Anonymous said...

How impressive; to see the quality being still that good. Great pictures indeed.

Please have you all a good Tuesday.

daily athens