Saturday, January 29, 2011

Grandpa's Birthday Last Saturday

Grandpa's Birthday Last Saturday
Little Jack helped Grandpa open his cards and presents. In the picture above Grandpa is looking at the birthday card Little Jack made for him.
Jennifer took pictures of Little Jack and Grandpa opening the presents.
Jeanine watched the action while keeping Barney the black lab on a leash so he wouldn't eat the presents. LOL! Grandma stayed in the background recording all this with her little camera. Meanwhile son-in-law Terry was basking in the Miami Beach sunshine on a work related trip.
Then after a birthday brunch at Mimi's Cafe the birthday party moved on to Jennifer's home for some road racing time between the two Jacks.
The party concluded with Jennifer showing how her first quilt project is coming along. Now you cut strips 7 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide and you sew them together to make long strips and then you sew the long strips together etc. etc. etc. Merlin, Jenn's cat wasn't too interested in the details but liked stepping on the quilt.

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Wanda said...

Looks like the Jack's are having a good time.

The quilt looks really nice. Will it be a full size quilt?