Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jack's Mother In D.C.

Jack's Mother In D.C.
Here is Jack's Mother standing in front of the White House getting ready to visit the Nixon White House. Jack and his Mother took this White House tour back in the early '70s. The White House tour today is so different. For one thing you no longer enter the White House thru the front door. For another, security is much much stricter. Look at these folks running to get in line by the ropes. Today you go thru the same electronic screening devices that you have to do to board a plane at one of our airports. Those big purses like Jack's mother's are opened and thoroughly searched.
Today you cannot stand so close to the Oval Office either. Yes, the times have changed and are still a changing. Did I mention yesterday when I showed photos of the U.S. Capitol that there is a special short subway line underground that takes congressional folks from their various office buildings like the Sam Rayburn building over to the capitol building.

Jack, our daughters and I used to take this subway when visiting the capitol. You would always be riding with senators and house members and aides. One time I remember the late Senator Ted Kennedy taking the train. But today this neat little subway is restricted to authorized personnel. No capitol visitors and tourists can take this subway.
This is a picture of the Lincoln Memorial from the '70s It is still pretty open to all visitors and you can go there anytime of day or night.Below is a photo of Jack's Mother posing by the reflecting pool near the Lincoln Memorial. In the background you can see the Washington Monument. Notice the young girls with the long hair parted in the middle a la Gloria Steinem. That was the look in the early '70s.

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