Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Patriot Center At George Mason University

Patriot Center At George Mason University
Our daughter Jeanine got us tickets to a February men's basketball game between two colonial athletic conference members: James Madison University and George Mason University. Even though Jack and I were under the weather with a cold and the flu we pounced at the chance to see a game at the Patriot Center and we sure had a great time with Jeanine even though her James Madison Bulldogs lost the game.
In this photo you can see the George Mason pep band playing before the game which was a sold out event that Saturday afternoon.
We enjoyed watching this Hard Times Cafe mini blimp being navigated around the arena with lights flashing. It reminded me of our grandson Jack maneuvering his little helicopter around the family room. Too cute.
There he goes!
Smile for the camera Jack and Jeanine.
We came away from the game with the distinct impression that George Mason will win a bid to this year's NCAA men's basketball tournament. Selection Sunday will be March 13 and one of the sites for the first round games will be the University of Dayton's basketball arena.

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