Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Our daughter Jennifer painted this spiderweb in Jack Aidan's bedroom. She then bought a commercial Spiderman poster and cut it out and attached it to the painted web to create this life size and dramatic mural for our grandson's bedroom. Little Jack loves it needless to say.

Meanwhile up in New York City the Broadway producers are still trying to work out the glitches on the Spiderman play that is way way over budget. I think I read that the producers have spent over 200 million on this play and it still is technically a flop because of many mishaps and several actors falling and getting hurt. I hope the producers can work out the problems so that someday we can take Jack Aidan to New York City to see this production of Spiderman. Meanwhile we will just have to enjoy the huge Spiderman in Jack Aidan's bedroom.

Come back here tomorrow to see our Jack Aidan in his Spiderman costume.

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Denise said...

That is one of the neatest mural's. My son was a huge Spiderman fan. He would have loved this.