Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Meeting of Manassas, VA Chapter of NARFE

January Meeting of Manassas, VA Chapter of NARFE
The January meeting was twofold. First, this retired federal worker and her husband gave an
electronic presentation of what the service officer for each chapter should be doing for the members, especially in times of crisis like hospice care and dying.
This lady worked for the Navy for over 38 years in HR was a very entertaining speaker. Her husband kept the keyboard going to illustrate on the screen what she was speaking about. She told some funny but sad stories about folks who died without letting their relatives know what their funeral and burial wishes were.
Afterwards they both agreed to pose for the camera.
Also at the January meeting my husband was sworn in again as the president of the Manassas, Chapter along with the secretary, treasurer, and the two vice-presidents.
Oops! I posted this photo twice. Oh, well, I can't seem to erase it easily but let me just say that person who swore in the officers is Pierce Johnson, a retired navy admiral who graduated from the Naval Academy in 1966. The same year that I graduated from college but not from the Naval Academy. LOL!

Post Note #1: I just want to thank everyone who kept my brother-in-law Jerry Thobe of Tipp City, Ohio in their thoughts and prayers. He is doing quite well recovering from his emergency stomach surgery. By the way, Jerry Thobe is the treasurer of his local NARFE chapter in Ohio.

Post Note #2: Virginia along with 29 other states are awaiting this monster ice and snow storm that is bearing down on the U.S. Everyone stay safe and off the roads if it is icy. I really feel for the thousdands of folks living in Maryland who are still without power from the storm we had last Tuesday. Jack and I agreed that if we were without power in the cold winter we would just have to move into a motel till the power came back. This surely has been a winter to try men's souls and we still have two months to go before spring arrives.

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