Monday, February 28, 2011

My World Tuesday = Old, Old Slides

My World Tuesday = Old, Old Slides
Jack and several other army auditors took an American Express guided tour from Germany by plane and bus to Portugal and Spain way back in 1973. The photos in this blog post are of Lisbon, Portugal which Jack thought was his favorite city on this trip. In the photo above that Jack took you can see the harbor of Lisbon. In the distance on the far right is a vertical. I asked Jack what that was since I've never been to either Portugal or Spain. He told me that that is a famous statue of Jesus Christ on a hill overlooking the bay. Christ is guarding the harbor and the sailors.

Apparently Lisbon is often compared to our city of San Francisco, CA. Lisbon even has a "golden gate" bridge in this harbor that is similar to San Francisco's golden gate bridge.
Jack loved the old parts of Lisbon with its interesting architecture and narrow streets accented by palm trees.
I like this courtyard with the building with its clay tile roof and iron balconies.
Can you picture yourself sitting here and having a glass of Portugeese wine?
This was one of the palaces that Jack toured on this trip. If you look closely you can just make out a black swan in the reflecting pool in the foreground.
A view of the city of Portugal from a lookout point. In the distance you can see several Catholic church spires. Portugal is a mainly Catholic country as is Spain
Jack took this picture of his army audit buddies checking out city attractions below. See the black cannon on the hill. This must have been an old military fortification for the city of Lisbon.
This photo is blurry but I can just make out that walkway connecting the buildings. It reminds me of walkway I saw in Florence, Italy years ago. That famous walkway in Florence is called Ponte Vechio.
Notice the tiles on this building. Lisbon has an Islamic influence from the days when Moors migrated across the Mediterranean Sea to Lisbon from Northern Africa countries like Morocco and Tunisia. Islam forbids depictions of figures so these tiles have intricate geometric designs mainly in blue. Wouldn't you love to go exploring down the narrow Lisbon street in the photo below?

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