Friday, June 24, 2011

Barney's Chauffeur Got New Wheels

Barney's Chauffeur Got New Wheels
Barney is now riding in style and is the envy of the other labs at the dog park.
Jeanine drove out sans Barney to show us her new Hyundai Sonata in deep blue.The coast guard guys in the van pool to Buzzards Point in D.C. say they now need to give her a new nickname. They used to call her Bumble because she drove a yellow 2003 Mazda. Maybe now they will call her Blue Velvet though Jeanine says don't stop calling me Bumble. I like Bumble. (Short for Bumble Bee.)
Here's Jeanine doing a Vanna White pose by the car.
After three flat tires with the Mazda this spring Jeanine knew it was time to trade it in to get a safe car for all the coast guard trips she is making this spring to off site locations like Baltimore, MD; Chapel Hill, NC; and Charlottesvile, VA.
She likes how it drives and how it looks.
She let her father take it out for a spin and he liked how it drove too.


Melinda said...

that's a sharp lokoing car! I have a YELLOW and BLACK Saturn Vue! haha...never thought I would own a yellow car but I actually loved it when I saw it. I just had some major work done on transmission and body control module....sensors...etc. I am hoping it will be good to go like new for a while longer so I can avoid any car payment or paying up front for a new car and depleting my savings.

EG Wow said...

She looks very, VERY happy.