Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June Book Club Read

June Book Club Read
Eleanore Brown wrote this novel about three sisters meeting up again under the parents' roof now that they are in their 30's and about their learning to live with each other without killing each other! Their mother's breast cancer complicates the already tense situation. The oldest sister is a control freak, the middle sister is facing the fact that she stole from her employer to buy designer clothes and the baby sister is the loveable hippie who has to learn not to run away but face her problems in the home town.

The setting for this weird story of the weird sisters is just east of Columbus, Ohio where the father is a Shakespearen professor at a small private college. What can I say----Ohio never looked so disfunctional as in this novel. LOL!

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Melinda said...

oh wow..I think I will grab this book at my library and read it with you all! It seems I had come across it once already or one similar to it...and got it or was going to get it to read. My memory is really poor these days sometimes. I will check it out as it reminds me of me and my sisters! We are all in Ohio and my mom had breast cancer twice.