Friday, June 10, 2011

My Madcap 67'th Birthday

My Madcap 67'th Birthday Party
Jeanine arrived with her black lab Barney who was ready for action.
Jennifer and Terry arrived with lunch for everyone from the Olive Garden and a birthday cake from Wegmans.
And my Jack was the man who kept the madcap party rolling.

When Grandma couldn't blow out all the candles with one breath little Jack insisted that we light all the candles again so that he could try. Sure enough he did blow out all the candles at once even if Grandma couldn't help worrying that if Jack's lips got any closer to the candle flames his mouth would be singed. But he did it. He blew out all the candles with one breath so that Grandma's birthday wish would come true.
And then there was the bang bang of a plate hitting the floor. Did little Jack just do that? Grandma yelled to Jack to quick run to the garage to get the broom and dustpan. Little Jack thought Grandma meant him so he made a mad dash to the garage. And who was it who broke the plate? Little Jack was an innocent bystander. It was Aunt Jeanine who knocked the plate against the back of the dining room chair in the breakfast room.
Then there was Barney who kept trying to figure out if he could get all four of his paws in this plastic bucket so he could go swimming like labs like to do. And then there was the moment went he dropped his tennis balls in the water to retrieve them and they got very wet. Sign of more trouble coming down the road. Barney later brought a wet tennis ball into the family room and the tennis ball started leaking black gooey water on the light carpet. So then we had three rug cleaners on hands and knees: Jack, Jeanine and Jennifer!
And when Grandma and little Jack played a game of pulling out the tissues from the gift bags dear Barney decided he would like to eat the paper. This led to Terry rescuing Barney from the tissue paper.
And who was chasing who around the coffee table is yet to be decided. Notice that Jack is sans his summer shorts. My Jack had to dry his shorts and socks in the dryer after he got them very wet refilling Barney's water bowl at least a dozen times.

Needless to say it was a madcap party. When everyone left Grandma said she needed to take a quick nap before she went off to bed. LOL!

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Melinda said...

next time tell them to put the candles all in one spot/area on the is easier to blow them out that way! Looks wonderful and delicious!