Wednesday, June 15, 2011

May Book Club Read

May Book Club Read
I read this over 400 page true story of Louie Zamperini's adventures in World War II in under three days. I couldn't put it down even though parts of it were extremely difficult to read because the detailed adventures were so horrific.

Louie Zamperini today is still alive and going strong skateboarding into his 80's. But during World War II Louie had many near death experiences as a twenty-six year old shot down bombardier in the U.S. army air force. He managed to survive the plane crash, being lost at sea for over 40 days and being held as a pow in a very cruel Japanese prison camp.

This New York Times bestselling book was written by famed writer Laura Hillenbrand who also wrote the true story of Seabiscuit. I highly recommend this book which also includes many photos of Louie's life before and after World War II. This is a five star book read.

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Melinda said...

I am not a big history you think this book would be good for someone like me to read if I am not normally into reading books based with history backgrounds? even true stories? I have had a couple that surprised me that I read which were...but that was it so far. This sounds good ....but....not sure