Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our American Wisteria

Our American Wisteria
Our American wisteria is getting its second round of blossoms. It first bloomed in early May with blossoms about four inches long. Now in late June it is blooming for the second time. This time the blossoms are smaller---just two to three inches long. And this past month a pair of mourning doves built a nest in the greenery and raised the two cutest little mourning doves. I got to watch them as they were learning to walk around the swing. It was like watching a pair of human twins learning to toddle and explore.

Monument Fire Update: Our former neighbors in Sierra Vista may now be able to return home. Pueblo del Sol Village I and II has had a controlled ground burn of vegetation around homes the past two days while winds were mild. There is a three mile wide "firewall" now. The Monument Fire is now about 57% contained and they hope that if the mild winds remain they may have the fire totally out by this weekend. The fire has burned close to 30,000 acres and has destroyed over 57 homes, several businesses and many cars.

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