Monday, September 29, 2008

Movie: Tale of the Greedy Bird


Would you look at this. Yesterday a tiny Carolina chickadee got a little too greedy at the bird feeder. I guess it thought the seeds were so tasty that it would just slip through the hole and into the birdseed box. Well you know what happened then. Just like a children's book the plot thickened when the little darling ate and ate but then could not get out again. When it realized its plight it set up such a screeching that it scared away the robins, mourning doves, finches and sparrows. So I grabbed my camera and made a small movie. You can hear the bird screeching to high heaven. After I made my movie and the bird saw me there it calmed down and just started pigging out on the bird seeds once more. But when I went to tell Jack about this development in our yard the bird panicked once more and started flapping and screeching to high heaven again. So that is when the fairy godmother (Jack) came to the rescue. He took the feeder off the hook and then removed the top from the feeder. Immediately the bird flew out and on its way without so much as a thank you chirp. And who says retirement is boring when things like this are going on in your own backyard.


Abraham Lincoln said...

Oh my. I hope he is free today.

DragonQuilter said...

I will know who to call when I have birds inside my feeder too! I have found two such birds inside my feeders in the last year but unfortunately I didn't find them until too late! Hooray for Jack!!

fishing guy said...

Joann: What a funny story, and I loved the fairy godmother helping the bird out of the feeder.

Evita said...

Oh that is so cute, it wanted to feed and then got stuck. It is so neat that you were around to a) experience this and b) help the little guy out!

Indeed in nature there is never a dull moment!