Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Getting Me A Gun!!

News Flash!
Drats, drats, double drats! The deer are back in the yard again and this time they had a gourmet meal of the yellow mums that I had just stuck in the gound ten days ago. Drats, drats, double drats! I'm getting me a gun!
Bambi, lookout!


fishing guy said...

Joann: Get some cool photos before you shoot.

lusia said...

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DragonQuilter said...

Need any help? I'm not good with a gun but I can help you bury the thing when you get it!!

Wanda said...

Hey, I could supply you with a double barrel rubberband gun...My son has a small business of Rubberband guns... The deer would like it.

So sorry about your yellow mums.... Bet they were tasty!