Friday, September 19, 2008

Kentucky Roadtrip Part VI

Today's blog will be a mix of photos taken last week in Kentucky. Above is the riverside restaurant called Captain's Quarters where we had a delicious meal while watching boats and tugs go up and down the Ohio River. It was here that Jack had a special Louisville open faced sandwich called the Hot Brown. The Hot Brown was invented at the historic Brown Hotel in downtown Louisville.
The most famous 20'th century man from Kentucky is Colonel Sanders who invented the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chain. Here is the bust that graces his grave at Cave Hill Cemetary in Louisville.
Leon paying his respects to the Colonel at his grave.
Cave Hill Cemetary was an amazing place to visit. It had so many intersting tombstones that I could have spent all day wondering thru the gravesites. This tombstone is very dramatic. Guess what this man did for a living. I will tell you tomorrow. Patty Lincoln guessed correctly. The man buried by this tombstone earned his living as a magician. Great guess Patty!
Here is just some of the silver trophies that Calumet Horse Farms has won. We saw 12 other rooms filled with Calumet Horse trophies just like this. I can remember Calumet Horse Farms being the most famous and most respected of the Kentucky horse farms. Do you know that the economic times have changed and that Calumet Horse Farms went into bankrupty and was then sold at foreclosur to a European man. The man's name sounded like he was from either Poland or Hungary. Luckily all these historic silver trophies didn't get shipped overseas to Europe but were given to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.

In March of 1958 I went on my very first roadtrip with my Dad and my sister Mary Ellen. We were heading to St Petersburg, Florida to visit my Uncle Nick who retired to Florida and we were in my Dad's brand new '58 Oldsmobile when the car up and died on this old bridge spanning the Ohio River. I will never forget it. My Dad nearly had a heart attack getting that brand new Olds restarted so we could drive away and relieve the very long line of honking cars that were behind us on the bridge.

This is another great meal that we had in Louisville, Kentucky. This was a scrumptious plate of huge seared scallops with saffron rice and curry sauce and lobster tips. This was at Le Relais at Bowman Field. Bowman is a small plane airport in Louisville that used to be private but is now public.
This is the building that was used for the airport terminal. This is where the French bisto is located.
Another view of the old Bowman Field airport terminal.
Outside of Churchill Downs this is probably the most visited tourist site in Louisville. It is the Louisville Slugger Museum where those famous slugger bats are produced.
The streets in Louisville have lots of these bat markers to honor famous baseball players. This one honors Roberto Clemente.



What does a hot brown sandwich consist of?? I am dying to know!

Those scallops look amazing. It makes me hungry to just look at the picture.

And, my guess: lawyer?

DragonQuilter said...

Now why don't we have restaurants that look like that first picture? I want to go eat there!!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

I'll guess a magician or a materde? Did I spell that correctly?

fishing guy said...

Joann: You really have a wonderful resturants you visited on your trip. How could you not gain weight.