Friday, September 12, 2008

Two By Two By Two

I've just discovered that another lady from my bookclub is now blogging. Welcome to the blog world Cindy. Folks, Cindy has just begun but what she will write will be fun. This lady has three sets of twins under the age of 10. Her blog will be about her twins thus the title "Two By Two By Two".

Cindy is totally amazing. She finished her dissertation for her doctorate degree from George Mason University while expecting the arrival of her third set of twins. What more can I say. Go Cindy!
Go twins! I'll be looking forward to learning more about all of you this fall.


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Can't even begin to imagine the work involved, six kids under the age of ten. We had four under the age of seven, I suppose a couple of more wouldn't have matter that much. LOL


My face is red!

You can see I did one blog, and that was it! Although it is hard to find the time, my main problem is feeling like this stuff is just not all that interesting!

I read it back and thought, bo-ring!!

Maybe I should do a secret life of Walter S Mitty type of thing!

Jack and Joann said...

Cindy, anything you would write about raising those three sets of twins would be very interesting. May I suggest that you tell the story of the twins and the hole in one. I think you know what I'm referring to with that remark.