Thursday, April 30, 2009

Belated Happy April Birthday to Tom

Today is the last day of April 2009! It sure did fly by fast!

I must admit I failed to post a birthday greeting to my nephew Tom, the son of Carl and Esther y, who celebrated his 51'st birthday this past April. Tom also celebrated his 28'th wedding anniversary on April 4. Tom is married to Dorothy who is a nurse practitioner in Ohio.

In the above photo taken in the summer of 1968 Tom who was around ten is driving a lawn tractor. Now in the photo below taken in the fall of 2008 (forty years later!) Tom is on another tractor holding his grandson who was born in January of 2008. Tom loves to drive and he does a lot of it every day that Russia Local School is in session when he drives a school bus for the school. Tom is part of the custodial team for Russia Local School as well as a Russia, Ohio farmer.

Happy Belated BirthdayTo Tom
Grandson of Leo and Teresa
Son of Carl and Esther
Nephew of Joann
Waylon says " Don't Drop Me Grandpa! This tractor is tall and I'm a just a short little fella!"

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Denise said...

A lovely birthday post for your nephew. I'd like to wish him a happy belated birthday also.