Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Marissa and Andy at the Covington Prom

Marissaa and Andy
Covington Prom
April 25, 2009

Covington High School in Covington, Ohio held its prom last Saturday night at the St. Remy Community Center in Russia, Ohio. In the photo above is the daughter of my niece, Debra Gariety Wirrig of Bradford and Russia. Pictured with Marissa Wirrig who is a junior at Bradford Local High School is her prom date, Andy Sparks who is a senior at Covington High School. Don't they make a lovely couple. It reminds me of that old line from the Marty Robbins '50s song: "A white sport coat and a pink carnation I'm all dressed up for the dance." Marissa looks exactly like her mother Debra did at that age. She also looks a great deal like my oldest daughter Jennifer.


Patty said...

They make a lovely couple. I had an aunt that was married to a Wirrig, he was her second husband and quite a bit younger then her. His name was Herman and he has a brother named Chester that is now married to a Fourman. I believe both Chester and his second wife lost their first spouses and happened to run into each other one New Years eve at the grocery buying some items
to eat and celebrate New Years Eve alone, and I guess when Chester got home, he called her and they got to gether and celebrated New Years Eve, I don't know how long after before they married. My Aunt who's been dead now for some time, was married to Herman who was about 17 years younger than her. They ran the Fairlawn in Greenville Ohio for a while.

Jack and Joann said...

Patty this is interesting. I just sent my niece Deb Wirrig an email about this. Let's see what develops. Joann

fishing guy said...

Joann: Neat photo of your family, she is a pretty girl.

Denise said...

They do make a lovely couple, your niece's daughter's dress is gorgeous, such a beautiful color and her date looks very handsome in his white suit. I am sure they had a wonderful time.