Monday, April 20, 2009

Comparing Interstate 95 to Interstate 66

Jack and I live in a community just north of exit 40 of interstate 66 in Virginia. Look at all the daffodils in these two photos. Each spring it is a delight to head east on interstate 66 to see the large patches of daffodils that have been planted about every five miles apart. (Please click on each photo to get a good view of these daffodils in bloom.) In addition we have the beautiful purple redbud trees blooming now and the dogwood trees are just beginning to open their white and pink blossoms. By the way the dogwood tree is the state tree of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Interstate 66 is so different from interstate 95 here in Virginia. First of all Interstate 66 is mainly a commuter interstate for folks living in the western suburbs of the D.C. metro area while Interstate 95 is both a commuter interstate and the main travel highway for folks heading south from Canada and New England and New York and New Jersey for all points south including Florida and back to all points north.
Now I'm going to tell you something that you might find hard to believe. Every day 900 semi tractor trailors leave New York City's buroughs for southern Virginia. What is in all these semi tractor trailors? Would you believe garbage. Yep, the Commonwealth of Virginia's main import is garbage! We import more garbage than any other state in the union. Where does this garbage end up? On vast tracts of farmland in southern Virginia that used to be tobacco land but is now large landfills.
So when you are driving south on Interstate 95 and you see a really old beat up semi with a New York license plate passing by your car you can bet that it is filled with garbage and on its way to a huge landfill in southern Virginia. If those 900 semi tractor trailors were off the road and on a train, think of how much easier it would be to travel on Interstate 95. Why does the state of Virginia allow this? I guess because there is very big money in garbage.
Final Comment For Today: If you want to see some beautiful daffodils click on Heirloom Gardner down on the right on My Blog List and you will enjoy a virtual trip to a daffodil festival in Summit, New Jersey.


Erin said...

funny how you said state of virginia...when of course it is the commonwealth...i get the look around these parts any time i say state...had to share that with you.
i enjoyed the post and knew we imported garbage but was unsure of the amount...geesh that is a lot.

Susie of Arabia said...

Love the daffodils - one of my favorite flowers! That's interesting about the garbage - the #1 import in your state. In FL where we lived, the only hills in the landscape were landfills. I guess it has to go somewhere...