Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Catch Him If You Can

Run, run, fast as you can.
You can't catch him.
He's the pancake man.
Run Grandpa run.
Catch your grandson Jack Aidan.
He's on the loose!
Grandma is just a sitting.
She's all done in like a cooked goose!
Our older daughter Jennifer sold her townhouse last week and moved into our house with son Jack Aidan and hubby Terry last Wednesday. For this past week this is what life has been like at our house. Running after the pancake man who starts his day around 5:30 A.M. Why do babies and preschoolers get up so early? And how come once they start elementary school you can't get them up in the morning?
In fact life has been in the far left fast lane ever since Jenn and Terry made the decision to move to a brand new home. The past six weeks have been a whirlwind of home staging, real estate marketing, rapid selling, packing up and moving out and moving into temporary quarters (the grandparents bed and breakfast) and deciding on needed items for the new home and chasing after the little pancake man. Why it has been so busy around here lately that I have missed doing once or twice my daily blog. Now that's bad.
And as Yogi Berra would say "It is not over, till it is over!"
So this Friday Jenn and Terry close on the new townhouse and the moving company that has been holding their household goods in storage for a week will be delivering all that stuff to their new townhouse. Meanwhile Grandma is trying unsuccessfully to get some much needed rest because come this Friday noon there will be unpacking to do that will probably take a week at least because the little pancake man sure has accumulated a ton of clothes and toys.
Why do young couples move to a bigger home? Because the baby has taken over every square inch of the existing place with clothes and toys and baby paraphernalia and Johnny Cash music.
Johnny Cash music? Yes, the pancake man has discovered the music of Johnny Cash. So at 5:30 A.M. you can find Grandpa playing Johnny Cash on our blog playlist. Check out the last three songs on the playlist. Pancake man loves Ring of Fire, Folsom Prison Blues and Get Rhythm. I'm getting a little tired of listening to Johnny Cash and wish that maybe he would take a liking to Brad Paisley like his first cousin Jack M. up on Cape Cod has done. And Jenn is wondering if an under two fella should be listening to Folsom Prison Blues.
But someday when Jack Aidan is a little older I'm going to have to tell him that I attended a Johnny Cash concert in 1969 that Johnny put on for the the servicemen and women on Okinawa. When Johnny stepped up to the mike and announced: "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash." I thought the roof was going to fly off the Kubasaki High School gym because the troops went wild!


DragonQuilter said...

Well you are a trooper taking care of little Jack and I am sure you will get some rest when they are moved into their new place.Your yard doesn't seem to be suffering from the look I can see!


I think it shows character that Jack Aidan likes Johnny Cash!!! A very interesting choice on his part!