Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My World Tuesday = The Big Game

The Michigan State Spartans couldn't stop the Tarheels of North Carolina last night. As Magic Johnson said at half time for Michigan State to win they would have to play a perfect game and by the end of the first quarter their game was far from perfect. So that's that for another year. I had hoped Michigan State would win just to give the whole state of Michigan a boost in this economic down turn but I knew that it was highly unlikely from the start. The ACC is the premier basketball division. So let the celebrating begin in North Carolina. And to those folks who question Obama's decisions this is an example of a very wise choice. Do you imagine Obama will have a pick up game at the White House with the Tar Heels?

Final thought on the Tar Heels---do you know what the name Tar Heel means in connection with the state of North Carolina? From colonial times North Carolina has had lots of pine trees and these pine tree were cut and burned to produce tar, pitch and turpentine. This used to be a derisive term meaning someone who stepped in tar and had tar on their heels. Then during the Civil War or War of Northern Aggression (take your pick) the term Tar Heel became a rally cry for the rebels of North Carolina. So I guess we could say that last night we saw the south rise again to defeat the north. So that is that.

And in the meantime we can plan for the Frozen Four. What's that? You haven't heard of the Frozen Four? Well, I hadn't either but I do believe my alma mater, Miami University of Ohio, is heading to the Frozen Four in ice hockey.

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erin said...

enjoyed reading your commentary...i was rather disappointed in the basketball game last evening, hoping for more of a contest.

have a great afternoon.

fishing guy said...

Joann: That was neat info from the final four.
I didn't know that they had names for the different sports. Congrats to Miami U. A little scho;; playing well.

Martha said...

Yes, it would have been nice for Michigan to get a little good news. Your flowers look like spring has come to Virginia as it has to California.

Linda Reeder said...

Thanks for the "tar heels" explanation. I was wondering.

Louise said...

How very happy those daffodils are!